What You Should Know About Teenagers’ Dental Health:

Peer pressure, the right clothes, and just looking good, comprise a good deal of the teenager’s time and thoughts. That also includes a great smile. But we all know that with school, sports, social activities, dating, and just being a teenager, taking the time to brush and floss end up somewhere down the list. And, to no one’s surprise, teenagers develop cavities.

Simple twice daily brushing and flossing can help prevent cavities. Parents can and should set a good example for continuing dental health. However, there are the non-preventable situations that arise that need to be taken care of before and during the teen years.

If a teen has crowded or crooked teeth, an orthodontic evaluation would be necessary to determine if braces are the needed corrective action. There may be other causes keeping your teen from having good teeth. These include possible eating disorders, smoking, poor nutrition, oral piercings, etc.

Good dental health now will help prevent future, and possibly expensive corrective action, in later years. Don’t delay. Come in for an evaluation.

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Our services for your teen may include:

White Fillings
Wisdom Teeth Removal
Sports Mouthguards