Baby Teeth Removal

Both Primary And Permanent Teeth Are Important To Maintain:


Baby Teeth Removal

Children have two sets of teeth, primary (often called milk or baby teeth) and permanent teeth. Both sets are very important for your child’s appearance, speech and chewing. Baby teeth also provide and help maintain the space needed for permanent tooth development.

Many parents mistakenly believe that baby teeth, even though decayed, don’t require treatment and also believe the baby teeth will fall out and be replaced with new teeth.

Normally, permanent teeth are located below their milk predecessors. With pressure from the permanent tooth, the root of the milk tooth dissolves and falls out to make way for the permanent tooth. However, if the permanent tooth is too far away, it will erupt without “pushing” the milk tooth out. This situation causes double teeth as shown above.

With regular dental checkups, preferably starting at 6 to 9 months of age, proper permanent tooth development can take place. Start your child today on great dental health at Drahota Dental.